Moving on…
Category: News
Title: Moving on…
Client: King Chain Productions / Studio Moe

It's been a while since there have been any posts on the King Chain Productions website. Apologies! We’ve been focusing on our new enterprise Studio Moe which is now fully operational.

Many things have happened in between – especially with Y/OUR MUSIC which played Busan, SXSW and many more global festivals receiving the ‘Best International Feature’ award at Muvi Lisboa.

While the King Chain Productions moniker will live on the website will no longer be updated. We’ve had a great time here and worked with some brilliant people – and many of those brilliant people have joined us at Studio Moe.

We hope you do too: visit Studio Moe

Y/our Music feature completed!!!
Category: News
Title: Y/our Music feature completed!!!
Client: KCP/Glom Glom

Very pleased to announce that the Y/our Music feature is now completed (previously called AM/FM and The Lost Sound). We're really happy with the sheen that Technicolor Thailand added to the film and are looking forward to its first screening. If you'd like to see the film then get in touch!

Y/our Music journeys through raw Thai countryside and hip pockets of Bangkok - and these landscapes are matched with soundscapes just as exotic. We jump into the lives of leading Thai musicians to see what they see as their contrasting environments inspire them to produce amazing, but very different, music. There is a stark musical divide between country and the city, but both have much in common: they are struggling to be true to their artistic integrity against demands for bland mass-market music. In Y/our Music we hear the hope that there is inherent value in all cultures.

Category: Trailers
Title: Hustlers trailer
Client: Lionsgate

Full trailer edit.

This was quite a tricky edit as it's a portmanteau film which follows three separate stories - all loosely linked by a pawn shop. KCP edited, did the graphics, commissioned a composer to work on the music, and oversaw the 5.1 sound mix.

Category: Promos
Title: Tindersticks ‘Say Goodbye to the City’
Client: Lucky Dog

Video for Tindersticks 'Say Goodbye to the City' video which was shot at Abbey Road Studios famous Studio 2.

Larry and Janet Move Out completed!
Category: News
Title: Larry and Janet Move Out completed!
Client: Fat Toad and KCP

We're pleased to announce the completion of our film Larry and Janet Move Out.

Under the watchful eye of council officials, Larry and Janet Colfer are packing their belongings and leaving the council house they have lived in for 37 years on the Heygate Estate in Elephant and Castle. It's not just the house they are leaving, but happy memories and a community of friends scattered by the council's regeneration plans. (32mins)

If you'd like to view the film then send me an email and I can forward you the password protected vimeo link.