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Category: Films
Title: N (I) B
Client: Mark Titchner

Artist Mark Titchner's N (I) B is a video portrait of Nicholas Bullen, a musician, sound artist and founding member of Grindcore band Napalm Death. Presented at the 'Be True To Your Oblivion' solo show at the New Art Gallery, Walsall, N (I) B is a silent large scale projection in which we are presented with a close up shot of Bullen's mouth as he performs a work written by the artist.

Mark Titchner commissioned me to film Bullen's performance, and export the slowed down film with the visual treatment that the artist created. The final film is 56'34".

Journey Back to Tanzania
Category: Films
Title: Journey Back to Tanzania
Client: ActionAid

King Chain Productions edited, graded, recorded voice over, sourced music and created the animated map for this six minute film which revisits four Masai girls and considers their education as part of the Global Campaign for Education.

For more details on the campaign check: www.sendmyfriend.org

Walter Lassally on Cinematography
Category: Films
Title: Walter Lassally on Cinematography
Client: BFI Screenonline

Filmed and edited this short film with Academy Award winning cinematographer Walter Lassally in which he talks us through some aspects of his work behind the camera. From the significance of camera movements, lighting and the roles of the camera team, to the differences between shooting on film or video.

The film can be seen on the Screenonline website by clicking here.

Editing: The Invisible Art
Category: Films
Title: Editing: The Invisible Art
Client: BFI

A short film that covers some editing techniques and theories.

Click here to see the film on screenonline.

Category: Films
Title: Giriki – Grand Designs
Client: ActionAid

I edited and created the motion graphics for this ActionAid fundraiser film.

Helping to rebuild the lives of the people of Giriki in Uganda, ActionAid are helping with the construction of a school to guarantee the children's future.