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Category: Motion Graphics
Title: Giriki animation
Client: ActionAid

I created this 'Grand Designs' style animation for a film which aimed to raise money to build a school in Uganda.

I was given several stills of what looked like photocopied blueprints which I pieced together to project a 3D version of what the main school building could look like.

Category: Motion Graphics
Title: Camera Shots animation
Client: BFI Screenonline

Some very simplistic Cinema 4D animation for a Screenonline overview of basic camera shots.

The client discussed the use of an artist's dummy and I created the cardboard landscape to compliment this. I decided to demonstrate the different shots within a simple narrative structure.

The final film was split into three parts - Basic Camera Shots, Camera Movements, Camera Angles; and can be seen here:


Category: Motion Graphics
Title: Antenna Audio promo text animations
Client: A Different Drum Prod.

Some simple text animation we did for an Antenna Audio trade promo. For this sample the text elements have been placed together.

Category: Motion Graphics
Title: Haruka title sequences
Client: KCP

Opening titles and end credits for the short film 'Haruka'. The theme for the graphics was one of a journey and paths crossing.