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Brazil in Nine CDs
Category: Print
Title: Brazil in Nine CDs
Client: Itau Cultural

Graphic design for a boxed CD collection of music and audio productions. A 30,000 kilometer trip through Brazil.

Book Cover
Category: Print
Title: Book Cover
Client: Michael Dhillon

Collage book cover for Michael Dhillon's 'The Cuckoo Parchment and the Dyke'.
The fiction book featured Dada which was the inspiration for the cover.

Promtional Beermats
Category: Print
Title: Promtional Beermats
Client: Vice Magazine

Collage for two promotional beermats.

Illustrations for Nanofiction
Category: Print
Title: Illustrations for Nanofiction
Client: Michael Dhillon

Two illustrations for a forthcoming book of nanofiction.

Two Collages/Illustrations
Category: Print
Title: Two Collages/Illustrations
Client: Diva Magazine

Two commissioned illustrations for Diva Magazine.

(A) This was to illustrate an article on unfriendly lesbians.

(B) This was to illustrate an article on the conversations women have inside bathrooms.